We recommend and use Raychem wire, cable products and Thermofit moulded parts for harsh environment applications.

The connectors we favour for use in harness manufacture are primarily circular bayonet coupling connectors, employing gold plated crimp contacts. These tend to have been designed specifically for military, aerospace and motorsport applications.

Raychem wire and cable products are small and lightweight, yet rugged. They offer superior thermal, electrical and mechanical performance, chemical resistance and have been designed for use in a variety of harsh environments such as motorsport, commercial aerospace, marine and defence.

Thermofit tubing and moulded parts offer:

  • Dependable thermal and electrical insulation
  • Protection from mechanical abuse
  • Strain relief for mechanical and electrical connections
  • Identification or coding
  • Cosmetic covering
  • Protection from moisture chemicals and corrosion
  • Environmental sealing

A popular range of connectors we recommend for Motorsport use is Deutsch’s AS series. Developed from a military series of connector, the AS series is a range of medium and high density positive locking circular connectors. Manufactured from aluminium alloy and utilising gold plated contacts, with arrangements up to 128 ways, the series offers both weight and space savings over existing aerospace type connectors.

We hold a large range of Raychem wire, sleeving and moulded parts along with Deutsch’s range of Autosport connectors. This allows us to manufacture harnesses to meet motorsports infamous short lead times as well as supply components to clients who wish to manufacture their own harnesses.